Top 10 Video Editing Tips

If you’re new to video editing, how do you know what to do?

For sure, the process doesn’t come naturally – unless you are Stephen Spielberg.

As with anything, it all starts with planning what you intended to film. This will depend on the complexity of your video – but no matter what – you should have had some plan of what you were going to film.

In this tutorial, you will look at some simple things to get your editing started.

3D Animated Photos without Plug-ins

Photos and Still images can be brilliantly enhanced by converting them into 3D images with movement that puts the Ken Burns Effect into shame.

Everything, is done in Final Cut without plug-ins.

The technique is to break the photo into two clips the top with the main subject moving in one direction and the bottom as a Background moving in the opposite direction to give the effect that the main image is separate from the background.

I’ve selected a clip from the free to download “Pixabay” website. I recommend that you join Pixaby as it has Photos, Videos and Graphics that can be downloaded for free.

Which 2021 M1 iMac is the Best Buy

Which 2021 M1 iMac is the Best Buy

I’ll show you the options so you can make your choice based on your needs, but I have balanced the cost/benefits and will tell you which model I would recommend, as you progress through this review.

I will answer the question in 2 x categories:

1. For a “General use” user – that’s “day-to-day” use – emails and web browsing

2. For those of you “Pushing the limits” – video editing and PhotoShop

The 2021 New M1 24-inch iMac

It’s here the 2021 M1 iMac

Announced on is the 24-inch 2021 iMac updating the Intel 21-inch iMac

All of the rumors about the Spring event logo being a rotated Hello bearing back to the original Mac were correct.

This is more than a refresh – it is a new enclosure and back to the future color selection – with lighter tones at the front and more vivid tones at the back. But it does still have a chin.

This looks like the start of the new iMac range.

It is a 24-inch screen in most the same dimension enclosure as the 21in iMac – watch out for the 27-inch replacement model that is yet to come – with, very likely, a 30-inch screen in much the same-sized enclosure as the current 27-inch Intel model.

The whole computer is now much thinner thanks to the M1 chip – at 11.5 mm.

Where to find Free Support for Final Cut Pro


There is a multitude of places to go for Final Cut Pro support.

In this video I will show you the places where you can find help with Final Cut Pro a no cost.

There is of course, is a difference between having your short and immediate issues answered rather than more detailed tuition in Final Cut Pro.

If you are looking for one-on-one tuition with Final Cut Pro. I will be happy to set up a personalized training program for you.

But if you are just looking for answers on a specific topic, I offer FREE Final Cut support, via email, for urgent issues that you are confronted with.


Things you didn’t know about the Ken Burns Effect

This video is everything you need to know about the Ken Burns effect, which is the quickest way of adding movement to still images, so they look like video clips.

You can also use the Ken Burns effect on video clips so that you can zoom into important parts of the clip.

In this video, I’ll show you a virtually unknown way to use the Ken Burns effect, to move to several different places in the photo, and that’s all without using Keyframes.

At the end of the tutorial, I’ll give you some more tips on how to control Ken Burns

Essential Knowledge Final Cut Pro 10.5.2 – Beginners Tutorial

This video will give you the essential knowledge needed to get started in Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut is easy to use – when you know how – watch for 20 minutes and you will save many hours of time trying to work things out for yourself

No need to search the internet – it’s all in this video.

You can work along with the actual clips – which are downloadable and free to use -


New Library: 1:05

New Event by default – today’s date: 1:18

New Project: 1:24

Import footage: 1:56

The sidebar for organizing clips in the browser: 2:20

Smart Collections: 3:00

Favorites: 3:19

Organize and Categorize: 3:51

Pre-Edit: 3:58

Automatically finds people: 4:23

Start the Edit to timeline: 7:00

“R” key to select a range: 7:27

Locate Transitions: 7:46

Add Transitions: 8:32

Effects: 8:51

The Inspector: 9:14

Titles & Generators: 10:08

Titles: 10:32

Change Fonts and text effects: 11:16

Change text color: 11:33

Undo inspector’s changes: 11:43

3D text: 11:55

Generators: 12:22

Audio adjustments: 13:08

Audio Meters: 13:53

Color Correction: 14:37

Exposure Tab: 15:20

Saturation Tab: 16:37

Color Tab: 17:03

Instant Color Change – Color Looks: 18:01

One last word on Color: 18:30

Export – Share: 18:45

Export Just a part of the timeline: 19:25

Multi Split Screen images: 19:51

The most overlooked and hidden tip for Final Cut Pro

No matter whether you are a beginner or the most advanced user of Final Cut there is always a time when you just don’t how to do something or can’t remember how.

All you have to do is Right-Click (Control+Click) in the place you currently working and it is likely that the command you are looking for will pop up.

This video has THE COMPLETE list of all the Right-Click options and their explanations, throughout the Final Cut interface.

There are many hidden features, in Final Cut. Do you know of any that you think others will benefit from? Let me know in the comments.