Improve the Filters and effects within Final Cut Pro

Use Motion 5 Filters without leaving Final Cut Pro


Motion Filters are much more detailed than those in Final Cut Pro. We have recorded a tutorial that shows how to create filters in Motion and publish ALL of their controls into Final Cut Pro so that they work directly in Final Cut Pro.

motion filters

This means that you don’t have to export your video clips, out of Final Cut Pro, import into Motion – then make the adjustments with Motion’s filter controls, and then re-import into Final Cut Pro

what a procedure that you can now avoid!



In the tutorial we have used the example of the Contrast filter, which is part of the Color Correction sub set of filters in Motion 5. This filter offers special controls such as Pivot point, Smooth Contrast and the choice of contrasting Luminance only – all things you can’t access within Final Cut Pro.


Our tutorial shows how to install the Contrast filter inside Final Cut Pro so you can use these controls without leaving Final Cut Pro.

contrast filter






The same can be done for other Motion 5 filters that you want to use directly within Final Cut Pro. Just remember to “publish” the controls that you want to access within Final Cut Pro



This tutorial is part of our NEW 63 lesson training course available on the Mac App store for $9.99. 14 hours of video tutorials and 600 topics.


Use this link to access the Tutorial on The Mac App store.


We recommend the plug-in collection 
from FCPEffects:


Lightworks for Mac, Public Beta now available

The wait is finally over! Version 12 of Lightworks for Mac OS X


As promised the Mac version of the video editing application Lightworks was released on 11th June.


Lightworks 2014

The wait is finally over! Version 12 of Lightworks on Mac OS X is now available as a Public Beta. The Mac OS X version of Lightworks is now publicly available for anyone wishing to download and try it.

Download Lightworks for Mac.

Version 12 of Lightworks is now on Windows, Unix and Mac OS.


New features are:

  • Bins and Groups (previously racks) are now all visible within the content manager
  • Multicam Bins (previously Sync groups) are now all visible within the content manager
  • The Search function has been incorporated into the content manager (click the magnifying glass)
  • Added Clips, Subclips, Prints, Syncs, Edits, Searches, Everything and Recent filters to the content manager
  • Added ability to create and edit Filters
  • Added ability to create Filters based on search criteria and manage them
  • Added the ability to drag/drop files from the OS directly into an open bin (cannot import to Filters)
  • Added the ability to import directly into an existing bin (cannot import to Filters)
  • And much more!


Lightworks  a professional tool with its roots in traditional film-based editing, and requires perseverance –

it may be free to download but its real investment is in the time you will spend with the learning curve.

But after you have spent the time you will find it easy to use, incredibly powerful.

Once you’ve done this you’ll wonder how you ever managed to achieve anything with the likes of iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Lightworks will save you time in the long run.


Editshare the developers of Lightworks have published a short training tutorial on Lightworks for Mac – you can access the video below:


Download Lightworks for Mac.

Lightworks mac

We recommend Final Cut Library Manager as a Must have Application:

FC Library manager 2



Tutorial: Event Manager X for FCP X

Event Manager X for Final Cut Pro X,

is the ONE plug in that you must have to make

the workflow of Final Cut Pro complete.

We have produced a 12 minute video training lesson to cover the update to the 1.2.3 version and discuss the importance of Event Manager X , by way of explaining the full feature set.

With Event Manager X you get full control of your Events and Projects, by being able to manage the Events and Projects you want to be visible in Final Cut Pro X.

Event Manager X now features “Sets“, which are combinations of related Events and Projects for instant reload.  Very importantly, it also tracks Events and Projects that are on offline storage devices, so you can properly ensure all relevant Events and Projects are mounted. This tracking of offline storage devices means you can back-up or archive Events and Projects to external storage and when you take that storage offline you can still see where your Projects are located.

By default Final Cut Pro X will show you all Events and Projects on all mounted storage devices. But there is no in-built way to un-mount those Events and Projects. Nor any way to keep track of Events or Projects not visible or on unmounted storage devices. Event Manager X  lets you un-mount those Events and Projects and allows you to keep track of them even though they are invisible to FCP X or on unmounted storage devices.

Event Manager X quickly allows you to select a combination of Events and Projects that match a particular job, or are related to one subject.

Event Manager X allows you to see the full state of the mounted storage devices, including hidden Events and Projects; see the Events and Projects on unmounted storage devices; and can control combinations of Events and Projects as Sets for easy reconfiguring between jobs or clients.

Event Manager X for FCP X is available from:

Intelligent Assistance:



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Tutorial: Archive a Final Cut Pro Project – remove unused media

There is some confusion as to what the

Consolidate and the Duplicate functions

of Final Cut Pro X actually do.

I use both of these functions in a detailed walk-through of the workflow to archive a group of projects to an external archive HDD.

By using the “Duplicate Project + Used clips” option, I am able to archive a group of projects into one, then consolidate all the media and archive (duplicate) to another location and remove any clips that were not used in the project, hence saving disk space in the process.FCP Tutorials from 1.99

Tutorials: Final Cut Pro X from $1.99

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