Tutorial: Event Manager X for FCP X

Event Manager X for Final Cut Pro X,

is the ONE plug in that you must have to make

the workflow of Final Cut Pro complete.

We have produced a 12 minute video training lesson to cover the update to the 1.2.3 version and discuss the importance of Event Manager X , by way of explaining the full feature set.

With Event Manager X you get full control of your Events and Projects, by being able to manage the Events and Projects you want to be visible in Final Cut Pro X.

Event Manager X now features “Sets“, which are combinations of related Events and Projects for instant reload.  Very importantly, it also tracks Events and Projects that are on offline storage devices, so you can properly ensure all relevant Events and Projects are mounted. This tracking of offline storage devices means you can back-up or archive Events and Projects to external storage and when you take that storage offline you can still see where your Projects are located.

By default Final Cut Pro X will show you all Events and Projects on all mounted storage devices. But there is no in-built way to un-mount those Events and Projects. Nor any way to keep track of Events or Projects not visible or on unmounted storage devices. Event Manager X  lets you un-mount those Events and Projects and allows you to keep track of them even though they are invisible to FCP X or on unmounted storage devices.

Event Manager X quickly allows you to select a combination of Events and Projects that match a particular job, or are related to one subject.

Event Manager X allows you to see the full state of the mounted storage devices, including hidden Events and Projects; see the Events and Projects on unmounted storage devices; and can control combinations of Events and Projects as Sets for easy reconfiguring between jobs or clients.

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