Workflow for a wedding video edit

This video will show you how to organise wedding footage using a template that is free to download.

When you use this workflow you will have your clips pre edited into Good shots, Better Shots and Best Shots.

The footage will also be separated into the main sections of the wedding day, Including: preparations, Ceremony, Photo shoot and Reception.

I will show you how to use Finals Cut’s Folders, Keywords, and Favorites.

You will see how to correctly set up the Multicam to give you the best results.

You will also see the settings in the Import window that will automatically categorise: Close up shots, Group shots, Medium shots, one person shots, two person shots and wide shots.

At the end of the video, I will show you how to duplicate the template each time you need it, otherwise you will overwrite the template.

Final Cut Pro 10.5.2 update

Today Apple have updated Final Cut to version 10.5.2. There are no major new features added except for RED users. Mostly This is a stability improvement update. Details are below:

Final Cut Pro 10.5.2

  • Adds support for a new Universal RED plugin enabling native RED RAW decoding and playback on both Apple silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.
  • Improves stability when playing back H.264 video files with corrupt data.
  • Fixes an issue in which text could disappear when double-clicking a value field in the inspector.
  • Fixes an issue in which FCPXML files created from drop frame projects would import as non drop frame.
  • Fixes an issue that may prevent custom Motion titles stored inside the library from appearing in the Titles browser.
  • Improves stability when choosing the DPP/Editorial Services metadata view with MXF media.
  • Improves stability when using AirPlay with Final Cut Pro on a Mac computer with Apple silicon.

Switch from iMovie to Final Cut Pro – the Essentials

Some months ago I published a tutorial on how to transfer a project from iMovie to Final Cut Pro.

But some of the viewers of that video have said, that it left them somewhat in the lurch – sure it showed them how to switch to Final Cut Pro but left them having to search for other videos on how to use Final Cut Pro, but need to know where to start with the more advanced features that Final Cut Pro offers.

As an iMovie user you are already prepared for Final Cut Pro with the basic knowledge already up your sleeve.

This tutorial will build on that knowledge, so you will learn the essentials, faster and with more understanding of the correct way to do things.

Cut to the beat – Instant speed changes

“Blade Speed” is the quick and easy way to cut to the beat on a video where the edit has been completed.

You will see which track to put your music in and which to place your video.

If you follow the steps you will have your video cut the beat in no time flat.

Final Cut Pro Trends for 2021

This Final Cut video is a preview of what to look out for in 2021, it is about understanding the trends for Final Cut Pro creators, in relationship to the Digital marketing trends for 2021.

The BIGGEST thing that will be dominant in 2021 is how the COVID pandemic of 2020 has made “virtual” into a “reality”

I show you 8 trends, that I predict for 2021, that will keep Final Cut Pro Creators busy and on target to earn this year.

Best way to mix Dialogue & Music in Final Cut Pro

Improve your Audio mix so that the dialogue will sound better along with our music tracks with “Channel EQ” Effect in Final Cut Pro.

Audio is said to the 70% of the total value of a video. You will get longer viewing times if your audio is good than if just you images are good and your audio is bad.

I show you how to improve your mix using EQ carving Audio Ducking in Final Cut Pro.

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Introduction to the YouTube Channel

Video is the ultimate form of communication from an on-line Youtube tutorials and other social media – Instagram, Facebook, to streaming of TV movies through to breaking news, music videos – even Hollywood movies.

It’s not just the images that are important, as sound is an intricate part of the complete film, in fact it is more important in retaining viewers than the images themselves.

All of these embodiments of image and sound are meshed together to create both stories and emotions, they need to be edited by hand by someone who needs to understand the editing process as well as the use of the tools to facilitate their creative skills.

My passion is to help those using Final Cut Pro as their tool of choice, to understand the mechanics and workflow, in order to smooth the editing process and create films to that express themselves to the world.

Don’t disregard iMovie, while this is not as feature rich as Final Cut Pro, it is important for those with limited editing knowledge because iMovie gives you the ability to just get things done – quickly and easily, without the software getting in the way of the creative process.

Join me in this journey to learn the editing process of Final Cut Pro or iMovie and begin to allow your creative juices to flow, without the software getting in the way and distracting you from producing your award winning pieces of art.

In my channel, there are over 250 videos on different aspects of Final Cut Pro and iMovie – There is always something new happening, so there are new videos uploaded every Sunday.

I look forward to helping you with your video editing and I can also help you on a “one on one”, personal basis – we can share screens over the internet and I can show you how to solve issues or create workflows on your computer in your home or office.

Upscale video to 8k

Video enhancement scenes are common in Hollywood movies and TV crime series. “Just enhance that image,” says the actor to a fictional video technician – and voilà – what you see is a blurred face suddenly became recognisable –

Fiction of course.

Can “Topaz Video Enhance AI” reproduce this in some real and useful way?

There are 3 fairly distinct uses for “Topaz Video Enhance AI”

1/ Updating old 720P SD footage to something respectable in 1080p HD. This will work for even older VHS Tape camera footage.

2/ Upscaling 1080p to 4K or even 8K

3/ Extracting clear Still images from HD footage – and even SD footage

300 Transitions for Final Cut Pro

This Review is the 2nd in the series: “Titles and Transitions fcp”

This is the Transitions section that includes 300 Transitions in 8 categories

The total pack of 1050 titles and transitions is available for a one time purchase: Just US$39.00 HTTPS://1.ENVATO.MARKET/BQEE4

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1050 Titles and Transitions

Time is money and that’s no more evident, than when you are on a deadline to get a video completed for a client in a rush.

This is when you need to get some help with “inspiration from above” – well from the web, anyway.
In this video, I’m going to show you the collection of 1050 titles and transitions from “Titles And Transitions fcpx”

For one time purchase of pack: Just US$39.00
Or $16.50/m for unlimited downloads: