Lightworks for Mac, Public Beta now available

The wait is finally over! Version 12 of Lightworks for Mac OS X


As promised the Mac version of the video editing application Lightworks was released on 11th June.


Lightworks 2014

The wait is finally over! Version 12 of Lightworks on Mac OS X is now available as a Public Beta. The Mac OS X version of Lightworks is now publicly available for anyone wishing to download and try it.

Download Lightworks for Mac.

Version 12 of Lightworks is now on Windows, Unix and Mac OS.


New features are:

  • Bins and Groups (previously racks) are now all visible within the content manager
  • Multicam Bins (previously Sync groups) are now all visible within the content manager
  • The Search function has been incorporated into the content manager (click the magnifying glass)
  • Added Clips, Subclips, Prints, Syncs, Edits, Searches, Everything and Recent filters to the content manager
  • Added ability to create and edit Filters
  • Added ability to create Filters based on search criteria and manage them
  • Added the ability to drag/drop files from the OS directly into an open bin (cannot import to Filters)
  • Added the ability to import directly into an existing bin (cannot import to Filters)
  • And much more!


Lightworks  a professional tool with its roots in traditional film-based editing, and requires perseverance –

it may be free to download but its real investment is in the time you will spend with the learning curve.

But after you have spent the time you will find it easy to use, incredibly powerful.

Once you’ve done this you’ll wonder how you ever managed to achieve anything with the likes of iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Lightworks will save you time in the long run.


Editshare the developers of Lightworks have published a short training tutorial on Lightworks for Mac – you can access the video below:


Download Lightworks for Mac.

Lightworks mac

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Public beta of “Lightworks for Mac” expected 11th June

“Lightworks for Mac” Alpha now available

The Mac Alpha version of Lightworks has been distributed to registered Alpha editors and it is expected that the Mac Public Beta version will be released around 11th June 2014.
For those who are not familiar with Lightworks – here is a brief History:


There was once a piece of software helping to define the non-linear editing space; it’s an editing system known as Lightworks.

Back around 1990, when digital non linear editing was in its infancy, systems like EditDroid and others there was a small company in England, put together by a team of editors, who were developing a computerised editing system for editors, designed by editors.

In fact, that was one of the early slogans of Lightworks as they tried to compete with a Boston company called Avid, who was also making huge inroads in Hollywood with their digital editing tool, Avid Media Composer.

As was the case with many early systems, Lightworks was designed with a software and hardware component in mind. It deployed a controller which emulated a KEM or Steenbeck film editor. They wanted to take all of the “non linearity” of film, and the ease and control of screening footage back and forth from film editing, and place it squarely in a computer environment.

A lot has happened in non-linear editing since then. Avid attained shone, until Apple purchased a piece of software from Macromedia and released their DV editing software system called Final Cut Pro using the NEW firewire connections on their Macs.

At a cost of about five percent of a full blown Avid system, users could quickly import DV camera footage, edit, title, output and distribute motion images like never before. The tide shifted, Apple’s Final Cut Pro became more refined, and soon it was making inroads in educational environments, TV series. Film makers like the Cohen brothers became fans and users.

Lightworks for Windows and Linux are now available in Public Beta and full versions.

Below is the announcement on the Public Beta version of “Lightworks for Mac”from EditShare, who are developers of Lightworks.


Lightworks On Mac OS X

We are very pleased to announce that the first wave of Mac Alpha testing is now live to a very select few editors. These editors are some of our finest Lightworks users and we are pleased to let them have first access to Lightworks on the Mac.

We will begin the second and third waves of Alpha testing later this month, any users that previously registered interest will have access to the Mac Alpha version of Lightworks over the coming weeks.

If you are not in the Alpha Program please do not worry. We expect the Alpha Program lasting only four to six weeks maximum and are confident with announcing the Mac Public Beta version on the 11th June 2014. The wait is almost over 

The latest changes in version 12 of Lightworks on the Mac were shown at NAB show in Las Vegas.



More information available on Lightworks site.


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