iMovie updated to 10.1.1

This update includes primarily under-the-hood bug fixes and performance updates welcomed by users.


Apple advises that the update fixes an issue with YouTube sharing that would prevent a user from signing in if they had multiple accounts. There is a fix an issue in applying White Balance adjustments to clips, as well as one that caused an incorrect display of still images. Clips are now copied when dragged from the Project Media area to the events area of the Library list.

The full changelog is below:

What’s New in Version 10.1.1

• Resolves an issue with YouTube sharing that could prevent sign in for users with multiple accounts

• Fixes a problem that could prevent White Balance adjustments from being applied to clips

• Sony XAVC S clips captured at 100 fps or 120 fps now play correctly

• Resolves an issue that could lead to incorrect display of still images

• Clips are now copied when dragged from the Project Media container to events in the Library list

• Stability improvements



You can get more information about iMovie here:


New Final Cut x will combine Events and Projects

There are some Pointers hidden within the new iMovie.

We could take some pointers from the new iMovie to preview one the changes in Final Cut X 10.1 if we look at the code in the new version of iMovie.

If it is any indication the code in the new iMovie May give some clue of possible changes to the next version of Final Cut Pro.

What it seems to be saying is that Events and Projects maybe combined into what appears to be called a library. This would make sense and would bring it more in line with the Projects in FCP 7 where a Project contained both the raw footage and the timeline. If what is contained within the new iMovie code is any indication, the single container will be called a “Library”.

The following text is contained within the frameworks of the new iMovie:

“In Final Cut Pro 10.1 and later, projects and events are contained in a library.

” Click Update All to create a new library for the projects and events on each connected hard disk.”
” Click Update Later to skip the update process for now.”
” Click Locate to manually create a library for a specific hard disk, folder, or SAN location.”

“Review the newly created libraries and confirm your projects and events are intact before emptying the trash.”
“To skip copying your Projects and Events into the Library, click Ignore. (You may import them later.)”

“Copied Projects and Events can still be opened in earlier versions of %@. To copy your Projects and Events, click OK.” [parts of text that include @ characters can be replaced by the app depending on the context. In this case the text would be ‘iMovie’ or ‘Final Cut Pro’]

“You are editing clips between libraries.”
“You are editing compound clips or multicam clips between libraries”

“The Library must contain at least one Event”

File management

“Consolidate Library Files ”
“Consolidate Library Media”
“Consolidate Library Files will copy all of   external Media into your library.”
“The selected events refer to files outside the library bundle. To copy external media into the library bundle click Continue. You cannot undo this command._”
“Choose the current library or an external folder to consolidate the files into”

“Duplicate Project as Snapshot”
“Duplicate Open Project as Snapshot”

“Open Library Backup”
“To open this library backup, click Save and choose a new location to save the library”
“Opening a library backup will create a new copy of the library and attempt to restore its original media. The current version of library will not be affected.”

“You have projects and events that refer to media on missing hard disks”
“To play back the missing file “%@,” connect the hard drive “%”

There maybe another new feature that allows placing markers on the beat.

Read the following from within iMovie’s code


“This timeline contains Music Markers”
“%@ can align your clips to the music markers to time them to beats”
“Align Clips at Music Markers”
“Align to Music Markers”
“Edit to Markers”
“Ignore Markers”

“This snapshot is incompatible with the effect bundle part.”
My Effect Bundle
“The selected clip has no %@ effects.”
“Please enter a valid name for the bundle.”
“Could not save bundle”
“Could not save the effects as a bundle.”

There maybe also an option to move Projects from iMovie to final cut pro:

The following is also in the iMovie code:

iMovie to Final Cut Pro

“To send your movie to Final Cut Pro, you must have Final Cut Pro version 10.1 or later installed.”
“Send Movie to Final Cut Pro”
“Sending To Final Cut Pro”
“A compatible version of Final Cut Pro cannot be found.”

It will be interesting to see how things pan out.


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New iMovie 10

As most will know Apple released their new OS on Tuesday and along with that they released a raft of Free updates to the iWork and iLife suites of software. Amongst these new version is a major interface update to iMovie.

The new interface is certainly less daunting for a casual user and will allow quicker editing for the consumer. Colour correction and adjustments to video and audio make much more sense to a non professional user.

If you are a current user of iMovie and FCP X you will see how the positioning of the interface elements have come together.

If you use iMovie now, you will find your way fairly easily, but to make best use of your time, first, spend 5 minutes with this review from TUAW.

I guess that some of the features of this update will find their way into Final Cut, if they do my hope is that the auto functions come with overriding controls, as auto is good but control is better.