What Our Clients are saying about us.

April 2020;

Bruce is incredibly patient, clear and thorough with his explanations and instruction. I can highly recommend him for anyone needing a tutor in Final Cut Pro.
May 2020:
Bruce has been my tutor for several years. He is incredible, very patient, and extremely dedicated to making sure you succeed. I highly recommend him and his tutorial videos.



Thank you so much for helping me around my Apple computer, it was all new and frightening. You’ve made it a pleasure.



The DVD has worked.. It looks and sounds perfect. I cant wait to transfer all those photos and dejunk at the same time. And also to apply the new tricks you’ve taught me over the last 10 days… They are somewhere in the back of my brain but familiarity with the Mac gives me confidence to try things out.

Thank you again for being such a great tutor. I’ll be back in the New Year and will be in touch.

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Kind regards

Libby Oct 2010


Bruce created my cooking DVD. His attention to detail, his professionalism, and expertise are a testament to the success of my DVD. I am proud of it and it is a credit to Bruce. The DVD took longer than expected and it is because I continually changed my mind by re doing footage and continually editing. He was so patient and understanding throughout the whole process. Not only that, whatever I asked of him, he did straight away. I never had to wait for anything!! I thoroughly appreciated that he was so reliable, efficient, and organised. I was treated with top service!

Philby’s Fine Foods June 2012


Thanks, Bruce.  Very helpful Final Cut session.

Will contact you when I’m ready to go with the backup mid to late next week.

Feb 2011


First, I’d like to thank you for your tutoring, I feel like I learned a lot of Final Cut in only 2 hours ! Following your advise, I kept practising as much as I could.

May 2011


Thanks Bruce.  I learnt lots!

Dec 2010


We have had a number of people watch the wedding DVD now and they are all very impressed on what a great job you have done, we are very happy with the DVD and for the wonderful job you have done. We would definitely recommend you to others if they are in need of a videographer!

Christine and Scott Sheridan August 2011


WOW WOW WOW the DVD is perfect. We actually watched the whole DVD last night with mum,dad, Sister and Chezy, it was fabulous.

Sue & Ben May 2011


Oh my god! That’s so beautiful! You have done an amazing job!!!! They are going to just love it!!! I love it!!!!!!! They are coming in tonight and I know they will be blown away! It’s awesome! Thank you so so much!

Dec 2010


Thank you for providing a wonderful service at our wedding. We were both very happy with your service and professionalism.

Terry Jan 2010


Hi Bruce,

Thank you very much for your work helping us. It was great, everything fine and good. Reggy loves it.

Evelin Jan 2007

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