Live, Final Cut Pro Training – interactive, training available via Skype

How to get personal Final Cut Pro Training On the Internet

Live interactive Software Training over Skype by means of Screen Sharing

FCP X time line

This is a video to show how easy it is to learn Final Cut Pro by setting up a Skype screen share that allows real-time one on one, ON-LINE training for both Final Cut Pro X. (we also offer training in iMovie; using the Skype screen sharing process.

You are the only student – you do it in your time – it is live and interactive. For convenience group sessions are also available at the same hourly rate.

Payment for this training is processed by PalPal. We arrange a suitable time to suit your time zone.

It is as simple as that.

The video sample below is of a typical training session where we discuss how to create the “Sin City” effect in Final Cut Pro 7. (This is where one colour is selected and the rest of the clip is in Black and white or vice versa.)

The training over Skype can be provided to any English speaking student anywhere there is a broadband connection. We work to suit your time zone.

You don’t have to have a copy of Final Cut X, as I can share my screen with you, over Skype, so you can follow the training on your computer – even a Windows computer.

Hourly rates are:  A$80.00 – minimum of 1 x hour. (US$60.00 – £42.00 – €45.00 per hour) (for 1st-time connections there is a 50% (A$40.00) prepaid deposit (after a trial connection of 5 minutes) Business accounts are available. Payment: we send you an invoice via PayPal. You do not need to join Paypal to participate.

Sessions times are flexible – you may want to pay for several hours and just access the training as you need it or as you feel to can take-in the knowledge.

Each training session comes with 7 x days support back up, so you are not left in the dark after training. The support is done via email.

Contact me: [email protected]

This is what students have to say:

Rupert Bedford Media
“Bruce is incredibly patient, clear and thorough with his explanations and instruction. I can highly recommend him for anyone needing a tutor in Final Cut Pro.”

Patrick Rainey
“Bruce has been my tutor for several years. He is incredible, very patient, and extremely dedicated to making sure you succeed. I highly recommend him and his tutorial videos.”

SunCorp Brisbane
“I have had a few lessons with Bruce over Skype share screen as we’re in different cities.  I would email my questions ahead and when we met up in the session Bruce was able to go straight to the problem and explain the solution.  By working on the screen together it was on my specific project, in the exact place on the timeline.  It was easier than having someone beside me at the desk taking turns with the mouse, it was very easy.  Bruce certainly knew his way around the program that I was using, Final Cut Pro X  version 10.0.5.  He knew what kind of limits it had and he knew how to work around those limits to get the most out of the functionality.  I found it difficult to find someone who knew FCX before I found Bruce.

I also had issues with knowing how to file so many short videos, as my workload has me producing about 5 per week.  He was able to help me understand how to better manage my filing.  Bruce has always been easy to get in contact with, very efficient with the time we put aside and even follows up with making sure my questions were answered.  His knowledge of the program and problem solving gives me great confidence knowing I have someone to consult with when needed.  Bruce has helped troubleshoot with short notice and urgency for me which is another aspect of his service.  The payment system is clear and easy and his communication is easy to work with, even when I have time changes to manage.” 

Physical face to face training within the Sydney Metro area.

We are still offering Personal “one on one” training at your premises in the Sydney Metro area at a lower cost than any comparable group classes.

Learn Final Cut Pro X at your own home or office.

Our courses are personal “one on one” classes – you learn at your speed. You don’t need to worry about keeping pace with other students as you would in a group class.

Make the most of your time and money. If you are quicker than average, then it will cost you less time and less money. Classes are based on the hours needed.

We guarantee that if you are not satisfied within the first hour, there is NO Charge.

You can learn on any day, even Weekends and Evenings, the more hours you have in one session, the lower the hourly rate.

Hourly rates are A$*0.00 per hour. Minimum charge $160.00

If you would like more information about our FCP X courses:

Please email: [email protected],

or Phone: 0414 734 388

We recommend the plug-in collection
from FCPEffects:


Have you got a question
Then email us by typing in the entry field below and selecting “Submit” button

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    • Hi James,

      It will get to DVD but not for awhile. I will put up download able segments on this site – or at least links to them from this site.


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