Learn Apple MOTION Graphics

This course is an introduction on how to harness Motion’s behaviour-based animations, particles, filters, effects, keying, tracking, and 3D capabilities to create professional animations, show opens, promos, text treatments – we concentrate on TEXT animations.

Motion’s approach to putting “Motion” or visual animation is to use “behaviors”, they are like a filter or a mask that you can apply to a layer or a group of layers. They allow you to create animations as a procedure  – they contain the set of instructions that describe how to make your element move, or spin, or fade. This means that you don’t have to animate the layer manually.

Motion has a vast number of behaviors that you can use to animate layers, shapes, particle systems, and text; stabilize footage; track objects; simulate gravity; and even animate cameras.
In our course you will learn how use Motion and Simulation behaviors to create the animation.

We will concentrate on production of text animations that can be retained as templates and used over and over again within Final Cut Pro with drop zones so you can use different text for each project.

Motion courses run for a total of 4 x hours – we suggest that these are taken in 2 x 2 hour segments. We travel to your location so you can learn on your computer. Of Course, we can supply a computer to work on should you not have Motion installed as yet.

Course costs: Total of 4 x hours $320.00

We also offer casual rates at $80.00 per hour

Course notes are provided.

We will cover these topics:

Basic Motion Behaviors
Stacking Behaviors
Using Basic Motion Behaviors in 3D
Using Simulation Behaviors
Applying Parameter Behaviors
Cloning a Group
Animating Cameras

For more information:

email: [email protected]

or Phone: 0414 734 388

email us by typing in the entry field below and selecting “Submit” button

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