Comparison Keyboard Shortcuts FCP 7 and FCP X

One of the first things you need to learn, when converting from Final Cut Pro 7 to Final Cut Pro X is to be aware of what keyboard short cuts are the same and which are different.

I am a believer in only, initially,  having a small repertoire if common keyboard short cuts, so as not to cloud your mind. I make it a policy to try to remeber a new short cut in each session and slowly add to the repertoire.

The following is a comparison between the Keyboard short cuts in FCP X and FCP 7.

These are my main shortcuts from FCP 7 and their equivalent in FCP X.

Fortunately there are a number of key shortcuts that have NOT changed these are prefixed below as 

There are some keyboard short cuts that need explanation – these are listed with ★

Function name			FCP 7 				FCP X

 Inpoint			I				I
 Outpoint			O				O
 Add Marker			M				M
 Add Marker & modify		MM				MM
 Fit to Window			⇧ Z				⇧ Z
 Multiple speeds to R		L				L
 Multiple speeds to L		J				J
 Stop				K				K
 Play/Stop			Space bar			Space bar
 Undo				⌘ Z				⌘ Z
 Redo				⌘⇧ Z				⌘⇧ Z
 Go to next edit point		'				'
 Go to previous edit point	;				;
 Select Blade			B				B
 Add Default Transition	⌘ T				⌘ T
 ★ Snapping on/off		N				N
 ★ Nudge clip Left		- number (enter)		- number (enter)
★ Nudge clip Right		 number (enter)			+ number (enter)
★ Copy effects			⌘ C				⌘⌥ C
★ Paste attributes/effects	Right click			⌘⌥ V
Zoom into timeline		⌘ or ⌥ + 			⌘ +
Zoom out of timeline		⌘ or ⌥ -			⌘ -
Render all			⌥ R				⌃ ⇧ R
Render selection		⌘ R				⌃ R
Enable & disable clip		⌃ B				V
Extend edit			E moves to playhead		⇧X moves to playhead
Reveal in viewer/browser	F				⇧F
Overwrite at playhead		F10				Q
Insert in Storyline		F9				W


★ Snapping on/off: In FCP 7 when the N key is held down or pressed while moving a clip, with the mouse, the snapping function returns to whatever it was previously set at, when the mouse is released. In FCP X this is not needed with the magnetic timeline function. But when a connected clip is moved, if the N key is held down during the move the snapping function returns to its previous setting as it does in FCP 7. (If the N key is pressed and released it does not return in FCPX)

★ Nudge clip Right: In FCP 7, selecting a clip and entering a number then pressing enter will move the clip to the right as per the number of frames. FCP X requires the + to be entered prior to the number just as the – is required, before the number, in both FCP 7 and FCP X to move the clip to the left

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