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Creating a Promotional Video no longer needs to be a Hollywood production.

Nor does it need to cost the earth, I’ll show you the quick and seamless way to get a promotional video or short TV advertisement in no time flat.

The name of the app I am using is FlexClip – the name says it all

Not only does it give you all you need to publish quick Promotional videos, but has over 20 tools for compressing, converting, and trimming videos, even a free screen recorder.

Think of FlexClip as a production suite for short and snappy videos.

Win one of 10 free FlexiClip Business Accounts valued at $240.00.

Topaz Video Enhance “Slow Mo” vs Final Cut Pro “Optical Flow”

Topaz Video Enhance “Slow Mo” vs Final Cut Pro “Optical Flow”

Topaz Video Enhance can create smooth slow-motion, slowed down by up to 2000%.

To give a comparison, I will slow down a clip with Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro to compare, using the Chronos model in Topaz Video Enhance with an 800% reduction in speed.

From a practical point of view, slowing down video clips stretches the space between the real frames of video.

Something needs to fill those gaps.

Topaz Video Enhance Update. 720p to 4K

A review of the newly released 2.3 version of Topaz Video Enhance AI by upscaling 720p footage to 4K

Perhaps the most impressive new feature with the 2.3 update is the the smooth slow motion or depending on your needs, the smooth conversion of frame rates

But in my mind the most useful for me is the Proteus AI model that allows control with 6 individual sliders to fine-tune de-blocking, detail recovery, sharpening, noise reduction, de-haloing, and anti-aliasing.

When you select the recommended models, then you can make alterations to those independently. You should start by setting to “Auto”, then by selecting the Preview button you can review the comparisons and then modify the parameters to suit.

Getting Started with iMovie

This Rookie series of tutorials is for new users of iMovie 10.2.3. It will quickly get you started and help you to understand how to easily create videos on your Mac.

The videos use my years of editing and teaching experience to cover just the items you need to know, without going into unnecessary details that will bog you down.

1. Getting Started with iMovie:

2. Trim in the Timeline:

3. Audio:

4. The Tool Bar:

5. iMovie Trailers:

Animated Travel Globes in Final Cut Pro

As a Final Cut Pro user, have you jealously looked at the Globe Travel backgrounds in iMovie that show a path from one travel location to another.

I’ve got a revelation for you, that will simply allow you to transfer all on the iMovie travel backgrounds, as well as any other iMovie background that you may want, to use in Final Cut.

It’s easier than you would think.

Get Started in Final Cut Pro with 15 comprehensive lessons

This Rookie series of 15 x tutorials is for new users of Final Cut Pro 10.5.2

It will get you quickly understanding how to create videos.

The tutorials are mostly around 5 minutes in length for a total of 1 ½ hour.

They cover a comprehensive overview of Final Cut Pro, using my years of editing experience to cover just the items you need to know, without going into un-necessary details that will bog you down.

Checkout all the ROOKIE Series Tutorials:

Lesson 1 – Get Started Final Cut Pro 10.5.2

Lesson 2 – Import Camera Clips

Lesson 3 – Add Clips to a Project

Lesson 4 – Trimming in the Timeline

Lesson 5 – Refining the Trim

Lesson 6 – Titles & Generators

Lesson 7 – Transitions

Lesson 8 – Effects

Lesson 9 – Navigation

Lesson 10 – The Magnetic Timeline

Lesson 11 – Audio

Lesson 12 – Color Correction

Lesson 13 – The Inspector

Lesson 14 – Animation

Lesson 15 – Export

Topaz Video Enhance AI Update 2.2

With the release of Topaz Video Enhance AI to vs 2.2, is there any obvious perceivable increase in the quality of the low res SD DV camera footage.

In this video, I compare the previous vs 1.8 results with the newly released 2.2 version.

I will also look at the new features of the updated version, particularly the compare option and new settings for Compressed, Blurry and Noisey original footage.

Compound Clips as an Independent Template

Frequent users of Final Cut Pro know how valuable compound clips are.

But, the very essence of a Compound Clip’s nature – to combine all selected clips into one entity – can be a pain to understand.

This is especially so, when you are creating a compound clip, as a template, that you intend to use over and over in future projects that also contain Title clips where text needs to be changed.

When you change the words in the title they change in all other places you have used the template.

You will see how to avoid those unwanted changes.

Countdown Timer without Plug-ins

Recently I was teaching a student who is publishing Fitness videos for a YouTube Channel.

They asked me to show them how to add a timer with a countdown.

I show the technique in this video.

You’ll see how to put the timer in a circle and use and save your corporate colors.

You will also save the timer as a preset to use in future projects.

The technique only uses built-in effects – NO Plug-ins.

Top 10 Video Editing Tips

If you’re new to video editing, how do you know what to do?

For sure, the process doesn’t come naturally – unless you are Stephen Spielberg.

As with anything, it all starts with planning what you intended to film. This will depend on the complexity of your video – but no matter what – you should have had some plan of what you were going to film.

In this tutorial, you will look at some simple things to get your editing started.