Convert landscape video to Vertical or Square

Recent updates of Final Cut have introduced workflows to convert landscape – 16×9 videos – into vertical and square formats, that are better suited for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

In this “fast and Easy Final Cut” video I will show you how Final Cut will automatically change the aspect ratio while retaining the vision of the main action.

Filmage Screen Recorder 50% off for Black Friday

Filmage Screen Pro

A review of the Filmage Screen Recorder, which is an all-in-one screen recording app that integrates a screen recorder with video editing tools, plus an audio recorder, and a built-in video converter.

It can record full screen or a custom area, even if it is covered by another window. You can choose different resolutions 4K, 1080P, 720P, 360P, including the ability to record the screen on your iPhone/iPad – ideal for tutorials on how to use the iPhone or iPad apps.

The video editor has basic editing tools, text, shapes, sketch, music and a voiceover track. The file can be further edited in Final Cut Pro.

Email sized Proxy-only libraries for remote editing

Proxy-only libraries are one of the few new features in Final Cut Pro 10.5 – these can even be small enough to fit in an email.

Superficially 10.5 looks like an upgrade, just to suit the New Apple Silicon Macs only, but there is one new feature that is a big deal for those collaborating over the internet. The default “Proxy-only” library creation feature makes what was a tricky task, fast and easy.

The default process creates ProRes Proxy files without giving you the choice of the smaller H.264 Proxy files. I’ll show you how to make those smaller files.

And “One more thing” is the return of the Final Cut Pro user manual as a PDF. Or as an Apple iBook.

Warning – Big Sur Downloads failing – hold off downloading

Today – November 12th, Apple released macOS Big Sur to the public, and since the software went live, there has been extremely long download times which have stopped the download process with an Installation failed message.
Today – November 12th, Apple released macOS Big Sur to the public, and since the software went live, there has been extremely long download times which have stopped the download process with an Installation failed message.
I advise to hold off trying to download the MacOs Big Sur, until things are more stable.
Apple’s advice is:

3 x new Macs released – BigSur this Thursday

Today Apple released 3 x new Macs – 2 x Laptops MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13′ As well as a macMini.
These 3 x new Macs all feature The new M1 Apple Silicon Chip, that has 8 cores and is up to 6 x times faster at GPU performance than current models. 16 billion transistors, the new M1 chip integrates the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, onto a single tiny chip.

MacBook Air has upto 18 hours of battery life and no Fan. Retina display with True Tone

  • Magic Keyboard
  • Touch ID
  • Force Touch trackpad
  • Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports

Entry Model US$999.00 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD. up-to $2,049.00 for 16GB RAM 2TB SSD storage
MacBook Pro 13″up to 20 hours of battery life

Entry Model US$1.299.00 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD. up-to US$2,299.00 for 16GB RAM 2TB SSD storage


Entry Model US$699.00 8GB RAM 256 GB SSD. up-to US$1,699.00 for 16GB RAM 2TB SSD storage
Mac BigSur Release.
Release date this Thursday 12th November

All Apple Apps are optimised on Big Sur

Universal Apps have a native binary for both Apple Silicon and Intel processors. Means that the one App runs on all Macs. including Final Cut Pro X up to 6 x faster.

Existing apps that are not native will run with Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon.

Simplest way to edit video

Descript software review

I am going to introduce you to how you will edit video interviews and tutorials, in the future. This is DESCRIPT, software, that is nothing short of a revolution. It is how all video editing Apps need to evolve for narrative editing.

In a nut-shell Descript is a platform that will allow you to record and edit a narrative video as you would a text document – by just cutting out words or phrases

– and wait for it – it will even let you add words that were not in the original recorded footage, by generating a version of YOUR voice.

The voice narrative recorded in the video is transcribed into text for you to edit like a word document and at the same time shows up in a video timeline.

Color match separate clips in a Multicam edit

Today’s video covers how to match and correct color between separate clips in a Multicam edit and then add the corrections.

There are two methods to do this – both have advantages and disadvantages.

The first method is the shortest to edit but involves tricky switching between tracks. Select Timestamp: 1:52

The second method takes longer to set up but is more logical to edit. Select the timestamp in the video to go to that method: 9:04

How To Convert Mkv video to Mp4 video

Convert mkv to Mp4

In a recent video review, I covered the overview of how to create separate tracks for tutorial recordings, using the Movavi Screen recorder to then edit in Final Cut Pro X.

Unless you have a 4k webcam or at least 1920×1080 HD, the quality of the Webcam recording to camera is very low, in this video I concentrate on just recording the face to an independent camera to retain quality.

I show you how to separate the audio tracks with The free App – Handbrake and the workflow to edit in Final Cut Pro. I cover the workflow to Multicam the camera with the 2 x audio files.

Use the timestamps in the descriptions under the YouTube video to go to the method, of most interest, you can also use the timestamps if you save this video as a reference tutorial to come back to time and again.

Review of the Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

This is a review of the Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac when used for editing in Final Cut Pro. Its stand-out feature is to capture your Mac’s computer audio – out of the box – no need for workarounds or to install add-ons like Soundflower to capture the Screen audio as well as separately editable audio from the microphone.
The Movavi recorder allows you to capture 3 x different sources, Webcam, Screen video & audio and Microphone audio to separate tracks, so you can edit these independently in Final Cut or even iMovie. This is particularly useful for the 2 x audio sources compared to QuickTime, as its audio is pre-mixed together. If Quicktime is used for recording, should the screen audio is too loud or too soft then there is no way of reducing or increasing that without also increasing or decreasing the Microphone level.
Movavi easily selects what you want to record and lets you interact during recording –
You can quickly trim the recorded video before saving to disk – in differing formats, potentially – saving disk space.
The Movavi screen recorder allows you to record, Web page videos, Skype, Zoom, What’s App, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Webinars