Solutions for Final Cut Pro Export Errors

Fix Final Cut Pro Crashing on Export

Find out why your project is not exporting.

Likely you’ll have an error message or Final Cut Pro will crash – “Final Cut Pro quit unexpectedly”

If you have a warning containing a “frame error” message or a “rendering error” message. View this video: How to fix & clear export error messages;

Otherwise there could be a number of issues that are causing the export to fail or Final Cut Pro to crash on Export.

Title reveal from behind objects

Text moving behind an object

This is a quick tip to add an extra dimension and a bit of pizzazz to still images by having the text move behind parts of the image to reveal the title.

This video shows, first, in Final Cut Pro as well as Filmora, but can be done with any video editing software that has multiple tracks, masking abilities, and keyframes.

Recover Photos, Videos and any File from the Trash Bin

Have you ever deleted the computer’s trash and suddenly remembered you had files in there that you still need?

Maybe the question should be- who hasn’t done it?

If you’ve used SD cards in your video camera you will have deleted clips and realized that you had not backed them up. Too many times for me.

This software application that has just one purpose – to recover lost or corrupted files – Think Photos and videos and also pretty much any type of file. When I say one purpose, it’s actually a little wider than that.

It’ll: Recover Trash from your Desktop or any Hard disk drive, Recover from SD card, Recover from Notes app on Mac, Recover Gmail and Yahoo, Recover from crashed hard disks, including corrupted disks.

iMyfone AnyRecover Mac:

iMyfone AnyRecover Windows:

NEW Lightroom-style slider color grading plug-ins for Final Cut Pro

Lightroom color grading plug-ins

This tutorial shows a genuine way of using Lightroom slider controls directly in Final Cut Pro as an intuitive way for Photographers to get started in Final Cut Pro.

This is not a conversion of Lightroom Presets by copying them into LUTs, these Lightroom style controls work directly as Plug-ins inside Final Cut Pro.

View the video tutorial for the promo code to claim a 10% discount on your purchase of the Lightroom style Plug-ins

If you are used to working in Lightroom – no need to re-learn your entire workflow.

The slider controls do have the advantage of not only being familiar to Photographers coming to Final Cut Pro, but also they do give an intuitive way of correcting color that may not be that obvious to new users of the Final Cut Pro wheels.

Topaz Video Enhance AI update 2.4

Topaz Video Enhance Ai 2.4 Update

This Topaz tutorial will look at the differences between the Proteus v1 and the updated Proteus v2 in Topaz Video Enhance AI.

I also show the new “AI Model Manager” which will smooth the frequent model updates expected to increase in number, as many as every 1 to 2 months. So when you buy Topaz Video Enhance you will continually be getting better enhancement models at no extra charge.

Win one of 10 free FlexiClip Business Accounts valued at $240.00.

FlexClip quick and easy videos

Make Quick and Easy Promotional Videos

Register to win:

Creating a Promotional Video no longer needs to be a Hollywood production.

Nor does it need to cost the earth, I’ll show you the quick and seamless way to get a promotional video or short TV advertisement in no time flat.

The name of the app I am using is FlexClip – the name says it all

Not only does it give you all you need to publish quick Promotional videos, but has over 20 tools for compressing, converting, and trimming videos, even a free screen recorder.

Think of FlexClip as a production suite for short and snappy videos.

Win one of 10 free FlexiClip Business Accounts valued at $240.00.

Topaz Video Enhance “Slow Mo” vs Final Cut Pro “Optical Flow”

Topaz Video Enhance “Slow Mo” vs Final Cut Pro “Optical Flow”

Topaz Video Enhance can create smooth slow-motion, slowed down by up to 2000%.

To give a comparison, I will slow down a clip with Optical Flow in Final Cut Pro to compare, using the Chronos model in Topaz Video Enhance with an 800% reduction in speed.

From a practical point of view, slowing down video clips stretches the space between the real frames of video.

Something needs to fill those gaps.

Topaz Video Enhance Update. 720p to 4K

A review of the newly released 2.3 version of Topaz Video Enhance AI by upscaling 720p footage to 4K

Perhaps the most impressive new feature with the 2.3 update is the the smooth slow motion or depending on your needs, the smooth conversion of frame rates

But in my mind the most useful for me is the Proteus AI model that allows control with 6 individual sliders to fine-tune de-blocking, detail recovery, sharpening, noise reduction, de-haloing, and anti-aliasing.

When you select the recommended models, then you can make alterations to those independently. You should start by setting to “Auto”, then by selecting the Preview button you can review the comparisons and then modify the parameters to suit.