Apple iMovie Training


With Apple’s Free iMovie – comes on all Macs.

Apple’s iMovie 11 is the quickest way to assemble a home movie. This course is an overview of connecting your camera and editing your footage as well as an introduction to best practice videography.

This course is run by a video professional who has operated as a cameraman and editor for the last 9 years.

The course is a mix of the use of the computer as well as a detailed overview of the creative editing process with a mix of “Good” camera techniques. Click here for details

Our Face to Face iMovie course runs for a total of 4 x hours – we suggest that these are taken in 2 x 2 hour segments. We travel to your location so you can learn on your computer.
We also offer iMovie training as part of our internet based and interactive Skype training using screen sharing and offering live one on one, personal training see an example

iMovie is free on all Macintosh computers

Course costs: Total of 4 x hours $350.00

Course notes are provided on both iMovie and the creative editing process.

We cover the following topics:

The interface
Playing Video
Importing Video
DVD, HDD & Flash – USB Cameras
DV, HDV – FireWire Cameras
Cropping Video Images
A new Project
Add clips to a Project
Add Music
Add Transitions
Add Titles
Editing (Trimming) Clips
Advanced trimming
Editing Sound
Smoothing the shudders

If you would like more information about our courses,

Please email: [email protected],

or Phone: 0414 734 388


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