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Final Cut Pro X, 90-day free trial


Final Cut Pro X is now available on 90 day free trial

While people are restricted to lockdowns at home to escape the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple has activated free extended trials for Final Cut Pro X

Click here for free 90 day trial

Apple’s trial arrives as people around the world take shelter at home to escape the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is your opportunity to get to know Final Cut Pro X without commiting to buy.

I suggest you get started with Apple’s tutorials and with free tutorials on Youtube. When you need that extra personal help we are here to assist you through those niggling issues that you find yourself questioning. With your approval we will be able to view your screen and walk you through the issues

Available through Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, the free trials allow buyers a chance to use the Final Cut, Pro X, without committing to a relatively expensive purchase price.

Normally Final Cut Pro X has free trial lasting 30 days. Anyone on the 30-day trial will be able to add an additional 90 days with this updated offer. This is a limited-time offering and will revert back to a 30-day period. 

The purchase price Final Cut Pro X is US$299. 

The 90 day free trial is available to users around the world. 

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