Final Cut Library Manager

Easily Locate FCP X files on Ext. Drives


Managing Final Cut X files in the Finder and on External HDDs was once the job of Event Manager X.

Now that Final Cut uses the Library structure, the application of choice for managing files and Libraries is FC Library Manager from Arctic Whiteness.

This is “the” one plug in that will make your organisation of Final Cut Pro X Files logical and easy to manage – it is a “Must Have” application.

FC Library Manager will locate Libraries, events and projects on attached HDDs and Raids as well as servers. It will also keep track of these drives when they are off line so you can keep track of all your files even when the drives are not connected.

The video below is an excerpt is from my new online tutorials on Final Cut Pro – to be released in July 2014.

We recommend Final Cut Library Manager as a Must have Application:

FC Library manager 2

Version 2 of Final Cut Library manager offers some major new functionality:

  • It is now possible to drill down into libraries to see their events and projects, and to clean up the libraries on an event-by-event basis. This feature will be much appreciated for those whose workflow is to keep lots of events grouped together into a few libraries.
  • The search feature has been completely overhauled. It’s now possible to search for libraries, events and projects by name, or search their associated comments or notes. More than that though, we now read data from libraries and events to enable searching of their media clips for information previously entered into Final Cut Pro by the user – custom name, notes and even keywords! Finding libraries has never been easier!
  • Users can now tell at a glance when a library contains links to external original media files, and with a click a popup displays which drives need to be connected to have the media available to Final Cut Pro!
  • There is much better keyboard support. It’s now dead easy to search for a library (⌘F), move directly to one of interest using the arrow keys, and then open it in Final Cut Pro (⌘O, or ⌘-Option-O to Open Alone), all without touching the mouse.


FCP Tutorials from 1.99

New Features:

  • It’s possible to open multiple libraries at once via the main menu (or using ⌘O).
  • You can make “Open Alone” the default action (via the preferences)
  • You can choose to delete the thumbnails and peaks data when deleting render files (again, via the preferences).
  • The project notes that you create in Final Cut Pro can been seen (and searched).
  • Network drives can now be cleaned.
  • The “fake” libraries cached by DaVinci and CineX are no longer listed.
  • It’s now much faster – all library scanning now occurs in the background.
  • Final Cut Library Manager now starts up very quickly. Previously users of large collections had a long wait…

Managing your libraries has never been easier…

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from FCPEffects:


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