Upgrading to Final Cut Pro 10.1.1

Things to do prior to upgrading?

Things to do when upgrading?

Things to do after upgrading?


We recommend Final Cut Library Manager as a Must have Application:

FC Library manager 2

There are many implications when you decide to upgrade from 10.0.9 of Final Cut Pro.

But the good news is that Apple has thought them through and given you options even if you take what you later find as an incorrect option in the update process. Nothing is lost and you even have the choice to retain your older structure (without taking up extra disk space).

There is an excellent series of videos about upgrading to Final Cut Pro 10.1.1. Even if you have already upgraded some or even all of your previous projects you will want to review this 3 x part video series from Ripple training. They are highly recommended to give you a full understanding of what has happened in the upgrade process.

Part one: Prior to upgrading:

Even if you have already upgraded your old events and Projects into the new Library structure you are going to get valuable information about what has gone on behind the scenes and this will prepare you for what you can do with those new libraries after the upgrade process.


Part two: How to upgrade:

Once you have gone through the actual upgrade process and even if you save the old events and project structure, you will not take up any more disk space. Just because they appear to be duplicated, they do not take up extra disk space. If you did not save and requested they be put in the trash, you will still be able to retrieve them (providing you have not emptied the trash)

Part three: What to do after upgrading:


We recommend:

FCP Tutorials from 1.99Fcpeffects-logo

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