Flip Player is a new multiformat media player for Mac

The Update to Flip4Mac is now named Flip Player

Telestream has released Flip4Mac® 3.0, the official Windows Media player on the Mac.
Flip Player is a free multiformat video player for the Mac with official Microsoft support for Windows Media playback.

Flip Player Pro adds features such as video editing, conversion of formats and iPhone ringtone export capabilities and is $29.


New Flip Player™ offers a wide range of format support plus playback, editing and conversion features for the Mac community.

Flip4Mac has been the standard for Windows Media playback on the Mac and the new Flip Player will allow playback across any type of video with easy-to-use edit and conversion capabilities.
Flip Player is a free multi-format media player for Mac OS X that provides MOV, MP4, H.264 and AAC support, as well as WMV and WMA support via Flip4Mac. Navigation controls fade in only when needed and never on top of the video.  Export support is also included for Apple apps, such as iMovie, iPhoto, Mail, and Final Cut Pro.

Flip Player Pro,  has as extra facilities, export options and powerful editing capabilities, such as visual scaling, visual cropping, trimming with in/out points, and rotation. Advanced navigational controls include JKL playback and slow-motion playback.

Flip4Mac has the best way to convert WMV formated files for use with FCP 7 and FCP X. The Flip  video player provides the ability to quickly and frame-accurately trim sound from a movie scene and export it to an iPhone ringtone. In addition, Flip Player Pro adds export to Final Cut Pro, and converts WMV and WMA to other formats via Flip4Mac.

These QuickTime-based tools bridge the gap between Mac and Windows environments. For users switching from Windows to Mac, they enable access to Windows Media content and easy integration with a Windows-based infrastructure.

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