Speculation on new features for FCP X

At NAB, Larry Jordan was invited to attend a briefing by Apple on the future feature releases of FCP X

These are the main new features of interest:

Multichannel Audio Editing Tools
Dual Viewers
MXF Plug-in Support
RED camera support

The dual viewers will be a great addition and will counter some of the thoughts that Mac users may have with the “promised” Mac version of Lightworks (which allows for duplication of any window).
Dual viewers will bring back some of the feel of FCP 7’s Viewer and Canvas – great for comparing any subtle differences between two clips.

FCP X has been able to read MXF files, but not the actual MXF wrapper they are contained in. Currently, it needs to convert MXF to QuickTime. The new release will not make this conversion

Jordan, has also speculated on other features, including retaining “ins” and “outs” in the event browser and a completely new addition to the suite of applications (FCP X, Motion & Compressor)

There was no time frame announced for when the new features (and maybe others) would be released.

More details are on Larry’s blog

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