Recommended Effects for FCP X

I recently became aware of a range of excellent and very well priced plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X.

These really enhance the effects and transitions that can be applied to Final Cut Pro X. All these Plug-ins are also modifiable in Motion 5 to give even more individual looks to your project.

One of the things that date a project and its effects is if you (or more importantly, your audience) have seen the effect used before. the secret to applying effects and transitions is to make them look unique – the hard part is spending the time to make those individual looks.

Here is the the REAL secret: – find plug-ins that have a multitude of controls that are EASY and intuitive to use. Then you will spend less time creating those special looks.

The collection of Plug-ins from FCPEffects fit in with both those criteria.


In particular, I am very much taken with the following Effects that offer facilities not available with the built-in effects supplied with FCP X. Each has it’s own page on their web site with video tutorials to explain, show and teach.

3D Perspective Plug-in

The 3D Perspective Plugin allows you to manipulate video and images in 3D space from inside Final Cut Pro X.

The Advanced Masking Tool.

The BG Advanced Masking Tools Plugin is an essential tool for any serious Final Cut Pro X editor. It’s extremely versatile & easy to use.
Use it to mask (crop) out objects from your scenes with precision. Or, use it to simulate shallow depth of field (DOF) & blur out backgrounds.


We recommend Final Cut Library Manager as a Must have Application:

FC Library manager 2


The Screen Splitter

There are a number of screen splitter plug-ins that have fixed shapes and angles. The flexibility of FCPEffect’s screen splitter plug-in is the vast ability to to modify and mix and match the various screen sizes to create  that individual look not seen before. The Screen Splitter plugin makes it incredibly easy to quickly put together beautiful split screen sequences in Final Cut Pro X.

Whip Pan & Tilt Bundle

Use the Whip Pan & Tilt Transition Bundle for Final Cut Pro X to add realistic, simulated camera movement transitions to your videos. There are various angles of action and the whips come with their own sound effects – very nice!

I highly recommend you look at these low cost plug-ins – highest priced is:  $39.95. – Look out for the range of discounts available, as well.

Oh!   And One more thing: they have a free plugin to download that bring a nice drop shadow effect – very useful:

Drop Shadow

We recommend the plug-in collection
from FCPEffects:


Tutorials: Final Cut Pro X from $1.99

47 individual lessons over 8 hours of tutorials,
Separate Basic and Advanced sections.

VEO shop

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