XML export from Final Cut X to Final Cut 7

News on how a FCP X project can be imported into FCP 7

This is a hint of things to come with established support applications in a current world that FCP X is about to join

With the introduction of XML export /import now available via the FCP X update 10.0.1, there was initially a knee jerk reaction that this would directly allow export of FCP 7 projects to FCP X and vice versa. Well that was just too simplified. The XML versions are different in the two applications. It’s mostly to do with the fact that FCP X has both events and projects and FCP 7 doesn’t – but maybe that is too simplistic also – however it does give a general analogy of difference.

Apple’s explanation is that it is now up to developers to to use the interface language (XML) and create tools to to translate between different applications.

There was a quick release from Automatic Duck with a converter for ProTools with Pro Export FCP 5.0. This exports FCP X projects for ProTools. — http://www.automaticduck.com/products/pefcp/

There is about to be a way to export from FCP X into FCP 7

Currently in development is, a beta application from Intelligent Assistance, that will use the new xml export feature in FCP X. This is expected to mean a FCP X project can be exported as XML, converted, then imported into FCP 7. From FCP 7, it can be sent to any other applications that work in with FCP 7 XML. This includes Soundtrack Pro or ProTools via OMF, or Color for color correction, even Motion 4.

The application is named: “Project X27″ and is expected in the next couple of weeks. When it is available, it will be on this website: www. intelligentassistance.com (not on the site  as yet)

This is the beginning of things to come from other developers. FCP X is about to become part of the rest of the world.

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