Review of FCP X update 10.0.1

I have had a little time to trial the new features of FCP X update. (updated 29th September)

What you should be aware of is that a good deal of the new features of update 10.0.1 are under bonnet.

The first thing you will be asked is if you want to update current projects and events. Events and projects need to be updated  – cannot be opened in earlier version of Final Cut – this is OK unless you have a version 10.0 that you still wish to use on another computer.

Let’s look at XML import/export

To export an XML file from FCP X you need to to be in the project library, not the actual project. The export XML command is in the File Menu.

The file created is: name.fcpxml. This will not open in Final Cut 7. Nor could I get Final Cut 7 xml files open in FCP X

Image below shows new commands: Import XML, Export XML and Add San Location as well as Export San Location

The Roles export as multitrack or separate files are under the share menu.

The help files on Apple’s web site have not yet been updated for the new features so if you search for XML for instance it comes back with No results found. The applications help does direct you to the commands in the menus though.

The new theme – Tribute gives a selectable colour range of grid patterns – maybe OK for a quick edit but of course this can be edited in Motion to give a more unique feel.





The article below is a detailed review on 10.0.1 from Apple’s point of view – it is worth a read


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