Update to Final Cut X – the new features

On Tuesday Apple announced the first update to FCP X 10.0.1 – something that the FCP community has been waiting on with baited breath. The update is a free download for current owners, from the Apple App store.

New features:

Xsan support
Rich XML import and export
Media Stems support
Custom Starting Timecode
GPU-accelerated export
Camera Import SDK – allows camera manuafactures to write plug -ins – Sony is updating their XDCAM EX support
Full-screen view in Lion
Add transitions to connected clips in a single step.
New Theme: Tribute
Demo version of Final Cut Pro X now available

No Multicam editing – but it is promised in early 2012


The best news to me is the new XML support. this should allow to import of bins and timelines from older projects.  This was not on Apple’s promise list so is definitely a bonus.

Richard Townhill, Apple’s senior director applications marketing, said:

“We listened to the pros and have taken their top feature requests and put them in this update.”

Final Cut Pro now has Xsan support, which includes projects and events. With Xsan support, users can access the same source media while creating separate projects on the SAN. Of course, this means that users can edit from any system attached to the SAN.

The new version also includes support for Rich XML import and export. XML interchange gives users access to third-party workflows like high-end visual effects, color grading and media asset management. This includes products like Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and Square Box System’s CatDV.

Apple brought Media Stems support to Final Cut Pro X, but they took it a step further than what you may be used to. When you export stems, you are basically splitting the media into separate files like dialogue, effects, music, etc. You have to mute all of the tracks you don’t want in the stem and them bounce the file out. Obviously, this means that you have to make multiple passes in order to export all of the necessary stems.

Final Cut Pro X introduces the concept of Roles, which allows you to tag tracks based on the stems you want to export. Once all of your tracks are labeled, you can make one pass and export all of the stems at the same time.

You can export a single multitrack file or separate audio stems based on your tags. You can also apply Roles to video clips and graphics giving you a new way to export separate files for versioning and localization, according to Apple.

Apple added a few other features to Final Cut Pro X too, like Custom Starting Timecode, GPU-accelerated export, Camera Import SDK and full-screen view in Lion.

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