AVCCAM plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7 works with SONY mts files

Further to my previous comments about SONY mts footage not being compatible – I would like to qualify.

The MacBook Pro laptop I was using for the initial testing was just not quick enough (maybe also that it is still on Leopard)

I have now had a chance to extensively text the AVCCAM plug-in with a 27″ iMac running Snow Leopard. The results are much more satisfactory.FCP Tutorials from 1.99

The SONY mts files can be directly imported in to Final Cut 7, using the import command. They come in as H.264 files. This means they can be imported directly but the downside is, the timeline will need much more rendering.

My advice is that if you have a small job requiring mts footage from a Sony Camcorder, the plug-in’s ability to directly import is just fine. If your project has any length to it, or you need to add effects, then I suggest that you convert the footage prior to import or use The Log and Transfer method built into FCP7. ( that converts the footage to ProRes anyway)

A side benefit, even if you don’t import the mts files to FCP7 is, that with the Plug-in installed you will be able to see what is in the mts files from your Sony Camcorder. This can be automated by selecting any mts file and right clicking on it (or selecting and using command i) this will bring up an info window about that file.

If you select The exposure arrow next to “open with” it will drop down to let you select quicktime. NOTE you also need to click the “change all” button for all mts files to open with Quicktime in future

If you only want to view the mts files then you could also use a free application called movist that will read any AVCHD files – it will not convert and is independent of Quicktime. It supports QuickTime and FFmpeg and also supports subtitles. You can watch videos in full screen mode and it allows you to switch instantly between different aspect ratios from default to widescreen.

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