Australian price for Final Cut studio 40% higher than US price

The Final Cut Studio Package was re – released  “while stocks last” 2 x days ago.

When we contacted the Apple sales line today, to see if the product is to be available in Australia we were advised “yes”.

This initially appeared to be good news until we were told the price. It is an enormous A$1,499.00 for Australian customers. That is 40% higher than the US price  US$999. – and considering the Australian dollar is 1.06 higher than the US dollar today – that is even more outrageous. (According to the BBC the UK price is ₤834.)

We took this further and spoke to Apple Customer service, who advised that they were not sure why there was such a difference in price in Australia. When pressed to further explain the spokesperson went away to speak to her supervisor and when she returned  she apologised for the higher price in Australia and said that she had been advised to say it was due to the exchange difference between US and Australian dollar. She also correctly stated that GST is not included in the US price of $999 – Hey, that accounts for $99.00 – somebody needs to get their calculator out.

Once again Apple in Australia is ripping off its customers. The Apple boss in Australia has already been summoned to Canberra to explain price differences. For instance the Mac Book air is 15% higher in Australia than in US. Apple’s Australian Managing Director, Tony King had agreed to speak with the Australian Member of Parliament (MP) Ed Husic about technology prices that are significantly higher in Australia than the rest of the world.

According to Australian newspaper The Age, King agreed in March to speak with Parliament by July 16. When there was no meeting arranged between the MP and Apple. Husic was angered by the snub,  he spoke strongly against Apple on the floor of Parliament:

“Apple refused to respond and I am staggered by their behaviour: they’ve snubbed consumer, media and parliamentary interest in this matter.
He continued, saying that price discrimination occurs even when products are downloaded electronically.”

4 responses

  1. I guess they have distribution etc. to account for, though I’m sure that’s not costing them $400 a copy.

    I bought my copy a couple of years ago for the full price when the exchange rate sucked, but I think when the exchange rate settles like it has of late, it should be factored in.

    This might keep a few post houses from switching straight away, but the writing is on the wall for Final Cut and anyone working in a collaborative workflow – I mean, how much longer will FCP 7 work with Lion? Do you buy it and continue to work with Snow Leopard for the foreseeable future while you hope Apple get their act together and fix the debacle of FC X or do you switch to Premiere or Media Composer?

  2. Lachlan, It depends on your circumstances, whether you continue for awhile with FCP 7 and see what happens with FCP X over time. You are right – FCP 7 is dead man walking and sooner or later we will all have to switch to something else, be it FCP X or another NLE.

    My decision is to work with FCP 7 in the meantime, then decide when the dust is settled. As it stands at the moment FCP X does not do it for me. I like lot’s features but there is a lack of detail and flexibility. My biggest dislike is the clunky way that the curser feels when trying to select the edit points in the time line.

    I am sure I will use FCP X for simple projects that need lot’s of effects – FCP X is good for easily applied transitions and themes. It is also good at modifying those themes so they are not so fixed and recognisable as they are in iMovie. Motion 5 allows even more modification.

    As with most things in life, it is horses for courses.

  3. And no upgrade to v7 is available for existing owners of previous versions. I was advised I had to buy the complete package if I wanted it.

  4. I would say that proves that Apple are only selling off available stock and not producing more Final Cut Studio 3. That’s what I would have thought, but it is good to be right – occasionally – at least.


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