Press Release: Live, One on One, On-line, Interactive FCP Training

Press Release: 11th August 2011

Sydney, Australia

New: Live, Final Cut Pro X and FCP 7, Interactive, One on One, training available via Skype now!

Sydney organisation, VideoEditOz is pleased to announce today: Live interactive Final Cut Training over Skype by means of Screen Sharing – anyone, anywhere can take advantage of this One on One service.

All that is needed is a computer – Mac or PC, with Skype – and a broadband connection – anywhere in the world.

“You are the only student – you do it in your time – it’s live and interactive”

All the student needs to do is arrange a time to suit, then provide payment, which is processed via PayPal. The student receives an invoice through PayPal and when it is paid, the training commences.

It is as Simple as that.

Arrangements can be made for approved organisations to take advantage of the special monthly account offer.
Any approved student is able to access FCP training on an “as required” basis – an account is sent once per month.
(minimum of 15 minutes per session)

View the video sample of a typical training session – this clip is on how to create the “Sin City” effect in Final Cut Pro 7. (This is where one colour is selected and retained while the rest of the clip is in Black and White or vice versa.)

The training over Skype can be provided to any English speaking student anywhere with a broadband connection.

“Students don’t need to have copy of Final Cut X or FCP 7 – as I can share my screen with them, over Skype, so they can follow the training on their computer – either Mac or PC.”

“Session times are flexible – you may want to pay for several hours and just access the training as you need or as you feel you can absorb the knowledge.”

The charges are US$60.00 per hour.

Each training session comes a two weeks back up support offer – students are not “left in the dark” after training. This support is done via email.

Comment from a current Student: Ranu James of Queensland:

“Hi Bruce,

Thanks heaps for the training. After 6 days of watching you tube clips, and basically beating my head against a brick wall it was great to be able to access training which was a more interactive!

Although I have found using you tube clips useful it’s difficult if you have a question that you need an answer to straight away – it means saving time in terms of having to watch through many different you tube clips hoping they’ll cover the topic I need an answer to!

Thanks for the help! Now that I know this type of training is possible – through screen sharing and skype – I will most definately access it again and recommend it to my friends! It’s also good to know that if I need a follow up question I can email you back and that this included in the price of the training.

Ranu James”

For more details about the live interactive training, contact:

Bruce Macbryde: [email protected]

Mobile: +61 414 734 388

Skype name is: brucemacbryde

For those that do not have SKYPE – it is a free download from:

Click here for more details about the Final Cut Training:

For those requiring individual “face to face” training within the Sydney Metro area – it is still available at A$80.00 per hour.

We offer Personal “one on one” training at your premiises in the Sydney Metro area at a lower cost than any comparable group class.

Learn Final Cut Pro X at your own home or office – either as an individual or as a group – maximum 6 students – POA.

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