What to expect in Final Cut Pro X

There is a lot of talk about what the new Final Cut will be like.

The simple answer is – we do not KNOW anything other than what was shown at the “preview”  at NAB.

(In fact there is nothing to say all the features or way they were shown will be exactly the same – though it would be VERY strange if they were changed – I am not a sceptic but even I would wonder why – and worry)

The things we can gleam from the NAB preview will help us get to understand the new application quicker and perhaps more deeply.

Here are my thoughts:

FIRST: It WILL be a new learning curve.

How much we will have to wait and see. I think it will not be like a completely new application. After all “Ins” and “Outs” were not mentioned in the preview but it is a taken they will be the same. Also JKL and other keyboard shortcuts will be the same – why change them?

SECOND: What will happen with ancillary apps – Motion, Soundtrack etc. ?

I don’t think everything will not work in the new version, some of the “send to” round trip functions might not work as now. there in no doubt  you will be able to export things and edit them in the ancillary apps. but then you may have to, in the short term, re-export them to get back to FCP X.

THIRD: Will all of ancillary Apps stay or will some be absorbed into FCP X?

As we saw in the preview some of the functions of Soundtrack and Color (secondary correction) are included in the new version. My opinion is that they will not be completely absorbed into FCP X, otherwise we would have been told at the preview. (that is TOO big a feature appetite whetter to be left out) There is certainly more in Final Cut than what was shown in the preview but not a complete replacement of Soundtrack or Color.

As for Motion and DVD Sudio Pro:

Motion is a hard one to guess, We will certainly be able to export from FCP X to Motion in some form and at the worst be able to export from Motion and import back into FCP. Round tripping may not function in the early versions of FCP X.

DVD Studio Pro is a lot easier to predict. FCP X has a QT export option so at the least that can be used. DVD Studio Pro did not change with the release of FCP 7 and since Apple’s Philosophy is not that interested in DVD, my guess is it will not be updated again nor will any more be offered for Blu-ray.

So what about Compressor? It is most likely to work in the same manner as it does with FCP 7.

And Finally Color:

Color has has had little change since Apple bought the application and even the current interface is very non Apple and has needed changing for some time.

There are 2 x schools of thought here. Either the app will be replaced with a cut down version internally in FCP X or it will be also completely rewritten with an Apple interface.

In the short term, I expect that the features of Color in FCP to be a cut down version of the main app, and chances are that there will not be a “send to” the current Color app.

FOURTH: What about the Current PLUG INS?

It seems from the discussions and comments from developers that plug ins for FCP 7 may not work with FCP X. Apple has made no comment and that to me could imply that they don’t want to give the bad news.

I am not making any predictions here – there is no evidence either way. Time will have to tell on this one.

2 responses

  1. I disagree with your assessment regarding an update to DVD Studio Pro and improved Blu-ray support. I feel that Apple will HAVE no choice but to improve DVD Studio Pro capabilities and to add additional Blu-ray support sooner or later, and I feel those changes are coming with the next Final Cut Studio release. It would be pretty stupid and dumb for Apple not to do so, especially since Apple’s high-end users who author material need that function. And I certainly won’t upgrade until and unless such support is added.

    Understand, DVD discs are the past, and Blu-ray is the future (at least until something better comes along), and Mac OS users need some way to author Blu-ray discs. Although you can author Blu-rays now in FCP (and I have successfully created quite a few Blu-rays), your menu options are seriously-limited. Full menu authoring and support needs to be added. And that is what I am waiting on. And if refuse to upgrade or spend one dime unless such support is added.

  2. I am hopeful you are right but having worked very close to apple since 1984 I have a feel in my water that they will be as obstinate as they have been with many other technologies – (Floppy disks, firewire 400) – as they have been in the past.

    I will be delighted to see Blu-ray get some attention.


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