Final Cut Pro X announced

Well we did not need to be some sort of Soothsayer know that the announcement would be at NAB today.


The release is in progress at the moment but to mention some highlights to date; They said it was revolutionary – it certainly is – I can think of no other release other than the first in “99 that has so many features –


Full 64 bit from the ground up

Background rendering built in

People and shot detection

Auto color balance built in

A revamped UI

Improved media management and improved image quality built on “modern foundations,” with a fully color managed Final Cut, and a new look. Resolution-independent playback all the way from SD up to 2K and 4K formats. FCP now takes advantage of all cores on the machine.

Audio waveforms can auto-sync, aligning audio is easier when you scrub the playhead, you can auto-skim with pitch correction which assists in scrubbing your audio (and still making sense of what you’re hearing). Audio peaking can be seen in the timeline.

To do a J cut on the new timeline. Click and drag


Start editing during ingest of AVCHD and other media, switches silently to local media as it ingests.

Magnetic Timeline – The Inline Precision editor allows you to double-click a seam and zoom into the details. Auditioning allows you to create options during, say, a review session with a director, and allows you to choose the ones you want later.

Film strip view allows you to easily set what appears in the preview of a clip in a group. You can drag a selected clip (or clips) onto a keyword, and they are instantly tagged with that keyword.

With one keystroke move from editing your video in fine detail to “zooming out” and see the scenes and manipulate the overall video easily.

Proper guides and keyframes for animation similar to how Motion does it.

Scales with core animation from a MacBook to Mac Pro.

Dynamically handle massive quantities of media, resolution independent playback. full colour managed based on ColorSync. Grand Central Dispatch, using all cores and background rendering

Allows you to edit as you are importing, you don’t have to wait to ingest.

Background rendering is built in. No more “writing video”  alerts

It can auto detect most media and when it imports can auto image stabilise. On import it can: People Detection, Shot Detection, Auto Color Balance, Audio Cleanup

Automatic audio clean up on capture. Options to rid hum, rumble, etc. on the way in. Range-based keywording. You can select ranges inside your clip and apply keywords to those ranges instead of just keywording the clip. No subclipping necessary. Smart collections: Categorises things like media types (audio, stills), how many people are in shots and how those shots are framed.

Audio and Video and be locked together and be one clip on a timeline (no longer a V1 and A1 A2 track). Can lock audio clips with specific video clip, so if moved on timeline they stay synched – Clip Connections:

Collapse chunks of media into a single clip on the timeline with “Compound Clips”:

Inline precision editor – taken directly from iMovie – very effective -click on an edit and it shows unused footage on both clips of the edit to help you trim

Tagging clips let’s you tag only specific parts of the clip.

Sync audio with similar audio. Simple audio keyframing, tweaking the audio is much easier. Trimming clips, the Magnetic Timeline makes complicated edits easier.

Built in colour matching. Match clip colours from two different cams  – very good – really looking forward to this.

Timeline Index: list of every clip on your timeline in order and let’s you search by name or tag

AND the BEST for last.

Perhaps the most surprising NEWS:

Final Cut X will be shipping in June for US$299.00.



I will follow up with further posts when all features are deciphered. Also will comment on the most important – wow this is revolutionary.

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