Learn Final Cut Pro from home – SKYPE “One on One”training

One-on-One Final Cut Pro tutoring

Via SKYPE or Zoom – anywhere in the world

All you require is an internet account and SKYPE installed. With your shared screen we will show you around your FCP  interface and explain all the menus and workflows and shortcuts to get you up and running more efficiently and faster.

Watching YouTube tutorials will give you insights into how to use Final Cut Pro X but the tutorials will not answer the questions you have as you watch the tutorials. The only way to answer your questions as they occur is by a one-on-one session, rather than a pre-recorded tutorial.

LIVE, Interactive, On-Line, One-on-One training now available

However, we can get you started with our FREE Tutorials on YouTube there are over 100 from Beginners to Advanced

We have been teaching Final Cut Pro via Skype for over 10 years

Contact by email:

Our courses are personal “one-on-one” classes – you learn at your speed. You don’t need to worry about keeping pace with other students as you would in a group class. Of course, we can also set up group training sessions over Skype as well.


We guarantee that if you are not satisfied within the first 15 minutes, there is NO Charge – deposit will be refunded.

Hourly rates:  US$60.00 – minimum of 1 x hour.
(FREE trial – First 15 minutes FREE)
Payment: we will send an invoice via PayPal. (AUD$80.00 – £50.00 – €55.00 – CAD$80.00 per hour) – Discounted rates for monthly accounts.

After each session, we offer follow-up support, via email at no charge, for a period of 7 x days

Final Cut Pro keyboardThe Final Cut Pro Keyboard is a real time saver:

Also check out the Keyboard overlays for a lower priced investment:
Final cut keyboardoverlays

Shot of Final Cut Pro sydney harbour screen

We have been training Final Cut Users, since 2006, first Final Cut Studio then Final Cut Pro.

We have students worldwide, some have been with us for many years and have become personal friends

We have students from all parts of the world who train with us via SKYPE. Monthly accounts can be set up, on approval, so you can even use this service for short sessions on particular subjects.

If you just need a “refresher” session to remind you of what you have forgotten, then you only need to pay for the hours you use in that refresher session.

If you have questions about working remotely then get them answered by an experienced Industry professional in a short time – saving time means saving money and getting your staff working from home in these testing times.

Contact by email:

We recommend

Aiseesoft video converter

to convert
all video formats for use with
Final Cut Pro

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If you would like more information about our courses

Email: trainingfinalcut@gmail.com

or Phone: +61 414 734 388





Have you got a question

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